About Gorilla Coach

Fashion is a style of dress that is popular in a culture or as a fashion. In this case there are also those who argue that fashion is a fashion style that determines the appearance of an individual. Fashion is not only related to the style of dress, but also relates to the style of accessories and other additions to make the impression more attractive and elegant.
Music can be interpreted as a form of art in the form of knowledge that is contained in an ability, a means of conveying a message, development energy, a collection of illusions and sounds that combine rhythmic and vocal elements as well as instrumental arrangements that start from a feeling and have a soul that can move the listener’s heart. emotional ones. From the two points above, it can be concluded that fashion and music have a very strong bond. and with the development of the times from day to day.
The development of the world of fashion and music is growing in tandem. There are many music lovers who are looking for music products from their idol artists or musicians. Seeing this condition, our Gorilla Coach is trying to help music lovers and fashion lovers, especially in Indonesia. As a means to meet all these needs. That’s why we established a platform or platform that is engaged in the sale & distribution of original licensed music merchandise in Indonesia.
Balanced with our extraordinary vision and mission towards the world of music, we strive to remain committed and play an active role in fighting piracy, especially in the field of music merchandise in Indonesia. With high discipline we will always try to prove our dedication and continue to actively use relevant ways to contribute and advance the music industry in Indonesia.
Afifa Pasau